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Why Your Outside AC Unit is Not Running But Inside Unit Is

Why Your Outside AC Unit is Not Running But Inside Unit Is

Your air conditioning unit will not cool your home if the evaporator that functions from the inside and the condenser which is fixed outside are both not working simultaneously. Your split-system cooling needs both units to be working. When your home is not cooled because both systems are not working, then there are some options you can explore such as;

  • Ensure that the air conditioner has not been switched off from the toggle mounted in a tiny box very close to the exterior unit.
  • You can confirm if the circuit breaker from the exterior unit has not shifted. You can switch it off first then turn it back on if the circuit breaker is broken. If this problem persists, then you should consult a verified electrician to check why the circuit breaker keeps shifting or tripping.
  • Be certain that your thermostat is not set on anything other than “cool,” and you should make sure that the temperature is set to be lesser than the room temperature. This will affect the unit that is inside if the problem is not handled. This will make it not to function entirely.


More often than not, a broken compressor is the reason your exterior unit is not working while the interior unit still continues to work. When this happens, then a major repair is required or even in a whole change of system. When the exterior unit is damaged, then it is best you change both the exterior and interior units as well.

A cooling system will give a low performance generally once a new unit is made to work with an old one regardless of the combination.
Another problem you may face with the exterior unit which could damage it totally includes frozen coils, a faulty fan in the condenser, an electrical fault, or any issue with the refrigerant line.

Cooler Air Today has professional technicians who can handle any issues with your faulty cooling system, and they can find out what is wrong and let you know and give you any assistance on the best course of action or make affordable repairs. Cooler Air Today will be glad to send out these technicians.

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