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Super Easy Steps to Install a Window AC Unit

You are in the best place possible if you recently got a window air conditioner for the purpose of cooling your room or apartment. Knowing how an ac works is one thing, getting and installing it properly is a whole different ball game. It will only take a few minutes to install the window air conditioner if you’d follow the step-by-step guide below.

Before beginning

Choose a window that is near an outlet, as a lot of window AC’s have power cords that are 5’ to 6’ long. The cable has to reach whatever outlet you choose. The owner’s manual also has to be followed correctly.

Tools you need

  • Scissors
  • Screws and brackets from the manufacturer
  • Measuring tape
  • Screw driver

Step 1: Take Out the AC and Locate the Center of Your Window

Remember: Carefully remove it from the box, as the back of the unit can be sharp. All pieces from the box should be removed. Count and check to see if all parts are present. Mark the middle point of the window with a pencil. This helps to ensure that the side panels reach both sides of the window evenly.

Step 2: Open the Window, and Prepare It

If you get a weather strip provided by the manufacturer, install after opening the window. Strips are not compulsory but can be helpful. They protect the window from damage during AC installation or removal and block the air that could pass through tiny cracks.

Step 3: Attach Side Panels

The side panels of the unit should be inserted into the right place. After adding them, use screws to fasten them into the window AC. Every screw should be connected to avoid gaps or holes.

Step 4: Insert AC in the Window

Remember: Call on the help of 2 people for this step, as you would need help with holding the AC, and closing the window. Place the AC in the center of your window before closing the window on top of the AC. Carefully lift the unit into place as most of its weight will be outside. The AC has to be in place the moment you close the window.

Step 5: L Brackets Installation

Different manufacturers have different installation procedures, but most models come with a minimum of one L bracket to keep the window intact. The L brackets should be screwed to the roof of the opened window, to prevent it from being pushed up. As a suggestion, if you notice that your AC has no bracket, make use of one from your toolbox.

Step 6: Attach Panels

The window padding should be added to the sides of the open window. If your model doesn’t come with padding, just extend the side panels to reach the window. Then, using the screws, carefully attach the two side panels to the window.

Step 7: Secure Unit and Start Cooling

Some manufacturers provide screws and brackets that connect the interior window sill to the AC. Other manufacturers consider it extra and not necessary. If you find them, screw them in now. That’s it! Turn on your AC. Your room would feel cool in no time. Don’t forget the daily upkeep to keep it functioning well.

Additional Information

Understand that these are general steps on how to properly install a window AC and that manufacturers may have varying instructions. If you need to find the right window air conditioner or have any questions about installation, feel free to call us at (815) 555-5555. For further information on AC repairs, installation and using an AC to cool your home, go through our rich blog news that is updated daily.

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