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AC Repair

Prolong the life of the existing HVAC equipment.

AC Installation

Installing and upgrading to a new HVAC system.


Maximizing unit’s peak
efficiency and performance


Air Conditioning Emergency?

Your air conditioning system plays a huge role in making your home comfortable. Therefore, we provide fast response 24/7 emergency services for AC repairs or AC installations.

If you have an emergency, you can expect Cooler Air Today technicians to respond fast and offer reliable services. To minimize downtime during an emergency, our technicians have access to a vast database of operational and technical information dealing with all air conditioning units.

If you're experiencing an AC emergency, contact us 24/7.

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AC Maintenance

Maximizing unit’s peak efficiency and performance.

AC Repair

Prolonging the life of the existing HVAC equipment.

AC Installation

Installing and upgrading to a new HVAC system.

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Repair and Replacement

Although the cost of this service may vary depending on certain factors (for instance if you don’t have a warranty), our technicians repair and replace worn out or failed parts of your HVAC system.

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Damaged AC Units by Pests or Animals?

In diverse environments, pests and animals can take a toll on your air conditioning units, affecting their efficiency and lifespan. Our specialized services, together with Precision Pest Control, not only mend the damages caused by these unwelcome guests but also fortify your AC units, making them resilient against future invasions.

With our expertise, ensure uninterrupted comfort and prolong the life of your investment. Don’t let pests stand in the way of your cooling; choose us for comprehensive protection and repair.

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Specializing in Air Conditioning installations and repairs. We focus only on air conditioning and all of our technicians are expert trained and certified to ensure the highest level of service for all of your Air Conditioning needs. Our air conditioning techs have vast knowledge on technical data, including schematics, specifications, ladder logic, and common building blueprints with all AC unites. This data also consists of applicable air conditioning related codes and licensing information on all of the top brands and more.

In addition, enjoy an amazing customer experience with 100% of our AC technicians using ServGrow Field Service Software which is the leading leading software for AC companies. Enjoy a touch-less process through the entire service, 360 communication via text/email and easy payments which all saves you a tremendous amount of time.


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