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Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

We get asked this question throughout the summer, so here are four things to verify before scheduling a HVAC professional service call.

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

AC Blowing Hot Air
AC Blowing Hot Air

1. Have You Had Annual Service Performed? The coils in your unit could be dirty, and may be restricting the airflow to your vents. To self-assess, look for branches, leaves, or dirt blocking the condenser coil’s air flow. Annual maintenance is important to prevent issues. Many HVAC companies will schedule checkups in the spring so you avoid a breakdown during the hot summer months.

2. Is Your Air Filter Dirty? This can also block the cool air from getting to your vents. Typically, manufacturers recommend changing the filter on a monthly basis, more often if you have pets. Also, check that you have the right air filter installed. The wrong size can affect the air flow.

3. Double Check Your Thermostat – Yes, this has been a problem solver on service calls. Sometimes the “heat” setting was accidentally selected when adjusting temperature, and causes your AC unit to blow hot air. Also, check that the thermostat is set to “auto” and not to “on.” When the setting is “on,” the fan will continuously run. You will notice air coming through the vents that doesn’t feel cool, but it’s just the fan.

4. Check The Breaker Box Inside The House to See If The Circuit Breaker For the Outside Unit Has Tripped – The outdoor unit is what converts the air in your house into cold air. If that unit doesn’t have power, it can’t cool the air down. If the circuit breaker was tripped, please call us to check it out. The capacitor or some other common problem could be causing this to happen. Let us fix an easy problem, rather than an expensive one later by diagnosing your heating, air conditioning and ventilation system.

My AC Is Working But Blowing Warm Air?

Most homeowners that have an issue and ask themselves, Why is my Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air, usually correct the problems with the above guidance. These are simply DIY techniques you can do for common air conditioner problems.

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