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Best AC Filter for Air Flow?

High Performance Filters

The standard throw away filter that many of us use is good in that it does not restrict the air flow for your cooling and heating system, which is vital for system performance and service life. However, such filters do not filter out much if any of the indoor air pollutants found in the average home. At the other end of the spectrum are the high efficiency filters at the hardware store which do a better job of filtering the air but also greatly restrict air, causing a variety of problems.

What’s The Best Air Conditioning Filter For Air Flow?

Best AC Filter for Air Conditioning
Best AC Filter for Air Conditioning

Conditioning Filter For Air Flow?
Air Filters: MERV Rating Of 8

Our filter with a MERV Rating of 8! THREE times that of the basic filter. The Merv 8 is over 70% efficient at the 3 to 10 micron range! The EPA has published on their website that a MERV 8 rating is nearly as effective as a true HEPA filter in most residential applications. Given that Dust mites and most all pollen is over 10 micron in size, these filters will remove 70% or more of these airborne contaminants! We have filters to fit most sizes, call today.

Stop breathing dirt, dust, dust mites debris, lint, odors, mold spores, pollen, dander, aerosols and cleaners!

$100 Rebated Advanced Tune-Up

We are pleased to inform you that ALS Cooling and Heating is one of less than 30 contractors participating in a Residential Maintenance program.

The Cooler Air Today Advanced AC Tune-up provides a comprehensive assessment of your air conditioning system to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. It provides for a more in-depth maintenance and a $100 rebate leaving the final cost about the same as a standard service. Given the scope of each one, we can only do a few a day.

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