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How to Keep Ice from Melting

Storing ice during a party can be challenging, especially if cold drinks need to last for a few hours until late in the evening. To make sure that your guests’ drinks stay cold, it is best to learn tips on how to keep ice from melting. Choosing what cooler to use, using hot water, making bigger ice, and storing a cooler properly are just some ways on how to make ice last longer.

How to Keep Ice from Melting

Select and Customize an Ice Cooler

Knowing what cooler keeps ice the longest will be a huge help. First, pick an ice cooler in any light color. Coolers in light colors delay the melting of ice, as the heat absorption is lower than compared to the dark-colored ones. The cooler needs to be built of Styrofoam, nylon, or plastic. Styrofoam or nylon containers are the best picks, as plastic ones can hold ice only for a few hours. Ditch metal containers because they are conductors that absorb heat easily.

You can boost the cooling effect by using an aluminum foil to line the interior of a cooler. The foil’s surface is reflective, which delays the melting of ice. One sheet of aluminum foil will work as an inside layer before you place the ice inside the cooler. Another alternative for the foil is a towel or bubble wrap.

If no cooler is available, you can simply use a plastic container and customize it by wrapping it in a towel or thick blanket. A towel or blanket will provide an extra layer so the ice can remain frozen for a few hours.

Use Warm Water and Make Bigger Ice

Once you understand how long do ice cubes last, you look for other ways to keep them frozen as long as possible. Using hot water is your best option as it easily gets frozen than room-temperature water. It also reduces the air bubbles trapped in the water so the ice formed is clearer. Make sure to cool the hot water a bit especially when you’re using silicone or plastic ice cube trays.

After cooling a bit, pour the hot water in bigger ice cube trays or a muffin pan as a substitute. Larger blocks of ice melt slower because small ice cubes easily melt once taken out of the freezer.

Just like the one previously mentioned, a layer of foil, bubble wrap, or towel can be used to line the inside of a cooler. Lastly, place the lid or cover on the cooler to retain the cool temperature.

Store Ice by Maintaining Cool Temperature

Consider how to keep a cooler cold the longest by picking the right place for storage. A cool or shady place away from the sunlight is the perfect spot for a cooler. Avoid putting pots or containers of hot food near the cooler to avoid disrupting the temperature. Remember that ice is sensitive to the temperature that surrounds it, so keep the cooler away from any source of heat.

Another way of maintaining the cool temperature is by using frozen packs or bottles. Water in frozen bottles make ice last longer, but just make sure to avoid using bottles of carbonated drinks. Always fill up the cooler with more ice so the cool temperature can be maintained.

Ice-cold drinks are a must – whether in parties or after a long day. One challenge you have to face though is how to keep ice from melting – the longer the better! If you’d like to skip all these steps and just focus on entertaining your guests, you may opt for the delivery of ice bags for convenience. Local distributors of ice bags are available to supply ice to your home in 10lb (4.54 kg), 20lb (ca. 9 kg), 40lb (ca. 18 kg) ice-bag increments.

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