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Your Outside AC Unit is Not Running But Inside Is (Answered)

Your Outside AC Unit is Not Running But Inside Is (Answered)

We've all been there, wondering why your outside AC unit is not running but the inside unit is. It's common and you're not alone. A split-system AC unit is made up of two part that can't operate the way they should if one of the units is not operating correctly, or operating at all.

Your outside AC unit is the condenser/compressor and the inside AC unit is the evaporator. If the outside ac unit fan is not working but the inside unit is fan is, that's a problem and needs to be addressed immediately. Air will be flowing but cooling your home will not happen until we fix the outside AC unit (condenser/compressor).

If your outside AC unit is not running but the inside unit is, you can try to solve the issue first by following the below remedies:

  • On-Off: When your outside AC unit is not running, sometimes it's as simple an on/off switch being accidentally turned off. Most outside fan units have an on-off switch in a small box by the unit.
  • Circuit breaker tripped: A circuit breaker could have been the cause of your outside AC unit to stop working properly. Find the circuit box to see if the breaker hasn't tripped. If you find that it has, flip it all the way off and then back on. If the breaker keeps tripping which stops the outside unit from working, then you should consult a verified electrician to look into the issue.
  • Thermostats has wrong settings: Check your thermostat and make sure it is set to "cool" and that is set to a lesser temperature than what you think is room temperature. If this turns out to be the problem and your inside unit is running, then your inside unit might be the culprit.

Inside AC is Running but Outside AC is Not: Issues

When your inside unit is working properly and the outside AC unit breaks down, a common issue is a broken compressor. When this happens, usually a repair is required and sometimes will require new system entirely. When the outside unit's condenser/compressor is lost, we recommend to replace their entire system. Efficiency and performance will be a lot better when the system is together rather than mixing and matching new outdoor units with old indoor units and vise versa; this will save on your ac bill.

Other issues that can cause your outside unit to stop working can include: Fan malfunction, electrical issues, coils freezing and issues with the refrigerant line. For these issues, a certified technician will need to take a look.

We hope this solved your issue with the inside AC unit running and the outside unit not. If it hasn't call us today and we'll provide you with a discount for your time and send out a service technician immediately to remedy the issue.

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