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How Can I Reduce My AC Electricity Bill?

July 20, 2020
It is no secret that during summer, the weather gets really hot and you start to wonder, how can I reduce my AC electricity bill? What’s the best way to save electricity with AC? Here are a few tried and tested ways on how to keep electric bill down in summer.
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How to Keep Ice from Melting

June 17, 2020
Choosing what cooler to use, using hot water, making bigger ice, and storing a cooler properly are just some ways on how to make ice last longer.
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R-22 vs. R-410A Refrigerant

April 19, 2020
R22 is also branded Freon, one of the leading products. R22 retired in 2010 because hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) is now no longer used to mount new AC systems.
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