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R-22 vs. R-410A Refrigerant

One of the crucial things to selecting an air conditioning unit is selecting the most up to date refrigerant. The two primary examples of refrigerant are R22 and R410a, both known as Freon and Puron. Many ask, can you mix R22 and R410a? Both forms of coolants cannot be mixed, so you want to make sure you pick the correct one before purchasing an AC. There are other significant differences between the two coolants.

About The R22

R22 is also branded Freon, one of the leading products. R22 retired in 2010 because hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) is now no longer used to mount new AC systems. This has been shown to help deplete the ozone layer. Therefore, you most likely won’t need R22 or Freon if you have a new system, but you can test it while using it with an older system. One thing to remember about R22 in addition to environmental disruption, you cannot buy it anymore.

About The R410a

What is r22 phase out with? According to HVAC Worlock Air, R410a Freon is also referred to as Puron, the popular refrigerant brand name. When thinking of the types of Freon for your AC, there are many options. The options are dichlorodifluoromethane, bromotrifluoromethane, chlorodifluoromethane (known as R22), and R410a. It is the HFC that does not harm the ozone layer. This is now licensed for new domestic air conditioners and is standard in the United States since 2015. Most modern air conditioners use R410a automatically, but you do have to test it before you make the final purchase. When you have a comparatively new model older than 2010, see if it uses R410a.

Where To Buy R410a Refrigerant?

You can buy it online or through a distributor. If you are replacing the R22 condenser with a R410a, make sure you select a reputable licensed business. How long will R410a last? Unless you have a leak, it will last forever! Also, when buying a new unit (HVAC and ductless unit), it is becoming more common to see the latest models prebuilt for R410a Refrigerant.

With an interview with home building contractor, Holtzman Home Improvement, their project manager recommends the use of the latest refrigerant in HVAC as it can be costly overtime to retrofit the existing equipment now that previous refrigerants or parts specific to an older refrigerant is becoming scarce. For all their new construction builds and home additions, Holtzman will educate on the heating and cooling comfort options.

Quality Discrepancy R22 Vs. R410a Efficiency

What does phase out mean for consumers? R410a not only protects the ozone layer but also increases the overall efficiency. It absorbs and releases the heat faster than R22 so that the compressor does not overheat. In fact, it can operate at a higher pressure, so that the compressors in the systems can withstand more tension and do not break too fast. The R410a systems also use synthetic oil for lubrication instead of mineral oil as in R22 systems. The synthetic oil is more soluble and more effective for the whole system. Therefore, R410a performs better than R22 and has improved machine performance.

R410a Vs. R22

Despite the ban on R22 in new equipment, the difference between R22 and R410a is that other businesses have sought ways of using R22 in new systems by manufacturing dry charging devices. Such devices are installed in the warehouse without the refrigerant. A technician has to come home to charge the battery. While it is legal to date, occasionally, it is not the right option for your house. R22 stocks for one item are declining, which would boost costs in the future and make it more challenging to get the coolant. Can R22 be replaced with R410a? No! Therefore, R410a is safer for the atmosphere, and the systems are more powerful to save you time. Dry charging systems have a very long warranty.

It’s not a very tough decision when it comes to choosing between Freon and Puron. However, the R22 to R410a conversion cost is high. On the other hand, the R410a refrigerant price is more cost-effective. The HVAC market and legislation have determined for you more or less what you should buy. For both an effective device and the climate protection, the R410a is the best of both. If buying a new system, make sure that you get one with R410a instead of a dry charging system.

When you believe your machine is low on R410a Freon or Puron, you can call a technician to test it and re-cool your system effectively. Want to know where to buy R410a refrigerant? Many places can be found online. You can start by replacing R22 condenser with R410a, and it will make your home safer.

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