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AC Repair Tricks

What are some simple AC repair tricks you can do yourself? These include replacing thermostat batteries, replacing filters, getting rid of ice accumulations, resetting the circuit breaker, cleaning the outdoor unit, and checking on the ducts. Let’s delve deeper into each pointer:

Troubleshooting AC Repairs
Troubleshooting AC Repairs

AC Repair Tricks for Troubleshooting

It is important to take preventative maintenance steps to ensure your air conditioning unit runs efficiently and prevent common problems. Read below for some great AC repair tricks.

1) Reset The Breaker

Some time, you can narrow down an AC malfunction back to your home’s circuit breaker. If you’re dependent on a single unit for several appliances, that can cause a “trip” in the system. Consider disconnecting unused equipment from power sockets and only plugging them in when you’d like to use them. This way, you’ll get around drawing too much electricity at a time. Be sure to reset the breaker by turning it on and off before turning it on again.

2) Take A Look At The Thermostat

The thermostat is the brain of any air conditioning system. It tells the AC whether to turn off or on depending on the temperature of the surroundings. If the readings have grown faulty or the back light flicker, the problem can be down to drained batteries. Power source aside, dirt can also be to blame for discrepancies in readings. So always purpose to clean below the cover every so often. Moreover, position your thermostat away from other appliances, vents, windows, direct sunlight, and any sources of cold or hot air.

3) Get A New Filter

The filter is the culprit in the majority of AC repair cases, and you can nip most of these problems in the bud by changing your filter. The general rule of thumb recommends doing so once a month for optimum energy efficiency and better air quality. A dirty filter causes poor aeration in the air conditioning system, which can lead to icing and eventually massive damage.

AC Repair Tricks
AC Repair Tricks

4) Get Rid Of Any Accumulations Of Ice

If you notice ice within the unit, do not be tempted to scrape it off as you can damage the equipment. Preferably, please switch off the AC and let it thaw without intervention for about five hours. You can speed up the process by running the fan alone with the supporting system off. If the ice continues to build up, you may have a leak, which you should let a professional handle.

5) Cleaning Goes A Long Way

The typical AC usually consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, and you need to clean both regularly. Carefully wipe dirt and debris from fan blades with a slightly damp sponge, taking caution not to get water into the motor at the back of the fan. You can also do the same for the condenser fins, but be gentle to avoid breaking the delicate fins. Remember to have the AC off during cleaning and that you should give it an hour or two to dry before turning it back on.

6) Take A Look At The Air Ducts

Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves, and examine pipes in the attic. When everything is running as it should, you’ll notice the vents smoothly spewing air. If not, look to reopen blocked or closed registers which may have been hindering air-flow, thereby reducing the equipment’s effectiveness. You can also have professional HVAC companies check this out for you.

So what are some straightforward AC repair tricks you should have at your fingertips? Cleaning ducts to remove blockages, and changing out filters are essential things to know. The same goes for taking out ice build-ups, cleaning the outdoor unit, and checking the thermostat for battery drain. For more information, contact us today.

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