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Questions to Ask Before Hiring

The best time to hire an HVAC company is before you need work done, but often times you may need an emergency AC repair service. Ask these six questions whether your job is an emergency. Some Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning companies charge for estimates, so be sure to ask when you start gathering quotes.

What to Ask A Contractor Before Hiring

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With any contract, it’s important to get as much information upfront as possible when hiring a contractor. Here are a few key questions to ask your local AC company before work begins:

1. Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured? Nearly every state requires HVAC contractors to be licensed through a professional state licensing agency. Requirements vary on licensing bonds, but make sure the sought after AC company has insurance in case of property damage accidents.

2. Does Your Quote Reflect The Total Cost? – Most local contractors even the best AC companies, will want to assess the work in person before providing a quote. Be sure the quote includes materials, labor, time, and contingency estimates. Ask about any costs that might creep in regarding your specific project.

Emergency AC Repair
Emergency AC Repair

3. Who Is Performing the Work? – If the person who quoted is not the on-site technician, ask who will be performing the job. Get an understanding of qualifications for each person assigned to your job.

4. What Kind of Guarantees and Warranties Are Included with Your Work? – Some may promise to come back if a problem occurs within a year. Some will limit their guarantees under certain conditions. Be sure to get written documentation regarding the guarantees and warranties.

5. When Do You Expect Payment? Expect to pay in full once the service has been completed. For larger, expensive jobs, ask if the HVAC contractor provides a payment schedule. Consider setting up recurring payments. Most HVAC companies utilize software that can automate payments should you decide to go on a service contract.

Use caution for any AC installer or repair technician that asks for 100% of the payment before work begins. Some companies may ask for a certain percentage upfront, especially if expensive materials need to be purchased for the job, but check the upfront amount your state requires for a limit.

6. When Will You Start The Job, and When Will You Complete The Job? Gain an understanding of the work to be performed including the number of days, if the days will be consecutive, or spread out over a designated period of time. If parts need to be ordered, the timeline should account for the delivery time. HVAC companies will even use specific HVAC apps to help make their service more timely.

Having a clear idea of the work wanted and remember the above 6 questions when hiring a local AC company. Become a smart consumer/homeowner by remember these easy six questions to ask before hiring a plumber.

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