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Thermostat Myths Debunked

Thermostats play a major role in providing indoor comfort every summer. Consider these five common myths about thermostats, and how you might change your approach. A few simple changes could improve your summer comfort and ultimately lower your utility bill.

Debunked Thermostat Myths
Debunked Thermostat Myths

Debunked Thermostat Myths – Know the Truth

Myth 1: Raising the temperature when you are not home during the summer (at work for the day, vacations, etc.) to setback temperature costs more than just leaving it running at the desired temperature while you are gone.

This is a very common myth; you will save money while you are gone because your system will not have to keep the house as cool. You will use less energy overall. The longer your home remains at the setback temperature, the more energy you save. Therefore, the more money you save.

Myth 2: Changing the thermostat by one degree does not make a difference in your bill.

Not true! Each one-degree difference can reduce your bill by 1%. This summer, try raising it one degree and living with it for a week. Then, try another degree the second week, and so on. Once you find a comfortable temperature, you will see a difference that first month.

Myth 3: The lower you set the thermostat, the faster the house will cool.

Setting your temperature down low, for instance to 55 degrees, will not cool your house any faster. Air conditioners crank out the same amount of conditioned air regardless of the setting. Set the temperature to your desired level, and wait until it cools down the house. If you set the thermostat at a lower setting, you might forget after a few hours, and needlessly run your unit until you realize how cool – too cool by that point – it is in your house.

Thermostat Myths
Thermostat Myths

Myth 4: The house is not stabilizing at the temperature you want, so the thermostat must be broken.

This is a common first assumption; however, the thermostat is typically not to blame. You could have a problem with the air conditioning unit, your duct work, or insulation. The most common problem is gaps in the windows or doors.

Myth 5: It does not matter where the thermostat is located in the house.

Location, location, location! The environmental factors influencing your thermostat can alter the performance of your air conditioning unit. Is it near a doorway? Near the kitchen? In sunlight? Placement of your thermostat is key to controlling the temperature in your house. You may want to consider multiple thermostats if you have more than one cooling zone (downstairs and upstairs). In fact, a second thermostat could really help you maximize your every use, and get the most out of your money.

Debunking Five Myths Of Thermostats To Improve Your Summer Comfort… And Lower Your Utility Bill

When hiring a contractor plumber. Become a smart consumer by knowing more about the system. Debunking 5 myths of thermostats, teaches homeowners how to shop and research.

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