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5 Reasons Your Thermostat is not reaching Set Temperature

Ugh! Nothing can be more frustrating than the thermostat not reaching the set temperature that you just adjusted it to. Especially when conditions are extreme, like not being cold enough during summer or warm enough during winter. I get chills just thinking about it, uh!

There can be many reasons and myths as to why a thermostat does not function properly, it may mean that there is an issue with its sensor, or the overall thermostat itself. It could also be due to several other reasons that could require little effort to fix or involve more technical knowledge to make sure it's fixed correctly.

Today, we'll go over today are the 5 most common reason why your thermostat is not reaching set temperature.

Why Your Thermostat Doesn’t Reach Temperature

  1. Size of Thermostat:
    The size of your thermostat is most likely the reason why this issue would happen. Other reasons (see the list) are very possible as well but if the thermostat temperature is too small for a home or not designed to cover an area size, it might not reach the set temperature. Solution: Get the correct thermostat that suits the size of your home or apartment. If you are clueless about how to do this, one of our qualified technicians will come out to make sure it's done right.
  2. A Broken Thermostat:
    Your thermostat could be broken, and show the set temperature on its screen, but not reach it. Solution: If yours is a thermostat that comes with programmable features, it will turn itself off at inappropriate times. If not, use a thermometer to check the degree of air surrounding the thermostat to determine if what it shows on the screen is right or wrong.
  3. A Dysfunctional Fan:
    The fan of the thermostat and its dysfunctions is another reason. The fan and furnace relation is important when checking if the thermostat works well or not, due to the warm air it pumps. Solution: You should switch off the fan after two minutes of switching off the furnace. If this is not done, the fan will keep pumping cold air, breaking the balance of your thermostat in the process.
  4. Frozen Thermostat:
    Another reason is the thermostat being frozen. These days, almost all thermostats are smart. And you may experience problems with the touch screen of your thermostat if there is a problem with the static electricity around it. The thermostat’s display may freeze and stop sending data updates that you need on the screen. When this happens, if the thermostat doesn’t reach the set temperature, you wouldn’t notice. Solution: When this occurs, you should try rebooting the thermostat. Please turn it off for several seconds, wait, and then switch on to see what happens.
  5. Loss of Power:
    Your thermostat may lose its power. When this occurs, it may prevent the thermostat from reaching the set temperature. You would know that the thermostat has lost its power when the screen is dark or blank, when you cannot see the status on the screen, or when the condenser and furnace are not working. Solution: Check if the thermostat system and furnace are getting power. If they are not, it may be time to repair them.

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