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When Your Air Conditioner Unit Freezes Up, Do This!

It is a very usual sight in the heat of summer to see your air conditioner or heat pump covered in solid ice. Even though it is outside and the temperature is so high that people are dressed in shorts to keep cool, you will still see this absurd sight that seems to have defied nature.
A lot of people do not know much about air conditioning and are left wondering how an air conditioner may be caked in ice in the hottest heat of summer. It is not a regular thing, it is absurd, and it should be a cause for alarm. There are certain things that may have prompted this situation where an air conditioner freezes up. They include;

  • Lack of Proper Air Flow: when airflow is obstructed or hindered, the evaporator coil of the cooling system drops to a very low temperature. The water in the atmosphere settles on this coil that is below the freezing point where it accumulates and reduces the cooling capacity of the system. Obstructions can be caused by dirt filling up the air filters, ducts that are too small or obstructed, faulty blower motors, accumulated dirt on the evaporator coil.
  • Faults with the System’s Refrigeration: a significant decrease in pressure in the air conditioner’s evaporator’s coil can be caused by depleted refrigerant or a leaky refrigerant, and this causes moisture on the air due to humidity to freeze and accumulate on the coil.
  • Low Environmental Temperature: very low temperatures affect air conditioners badly. Most cooling systems do not give good or high performance in temperatures less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature of the environment is too low, especially at night, it could lead to freezing.

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

The accumulation of ice and frost is evidence that your cooling system is malfunctioning, and something should be done about it. When your cooling system is not giving out the expected performance, then you should check first before anything else the buildup of ice. It would be best if you are not reluctant with ice buildups. If you do not, do handle it immediately, then you risk spoiling the system permanently.

Your first cause of action when you notice a buildup of ice on your cooling system is to switch it off, so the ice melts off completely. When the ice has completely melted, you should consider checking the airflow. The filters are also probably dirty, and you should consider cleaning it up to get rid of the dirt you can see. More often than not, it may be all that is required for your cooling system to perform up to per.

When the problem with airflow or refrigeration is more serious, then you should consider getting the services of a qualified technician. Book an appointment with Cool Air Today services; professionals from Cool Air Today possess all equipment to handle problems with airflow and leaky refrigerants.

When the temperature of your environment is the cause of the accumulated ice, then switching off your air conditioner when the thermometer indicates a drop would be a good idea.

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It is necessary to check your air conditioner once every year and when there is a significant fault that requires major repairs. You can prolong the performance of your cooling system by doing a regular yearly check.
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